Memorial Service for Christina Morris, Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Message from Christina’s family: Our family invites all of Team Christina – friends, family, and supporters – to celebrate the life and love of Christina Marie Morris. While she was taken from us far too soon, she has changed countless lives for the better. She will never be forgotten. Please join us as we honor


CALL OUT AND CALL-OUT RETURN When a Call Out is issued, the Caller ID will show (281) 534-6719.  Please hit ignore to force the call to voice mail.  PLEASE DO NOT HIT REDIAL — YOU WILL GET OUR FAX MACHINE. If you do not understand or receive the complete message, you can call 1-877-698-3261 …

FOUND SAFE: Sharon Lynne Goldstein, 54 Yrs., Clear Lake, TX (04/10/18)

04/13/18 — Sharon Lynne Goldstein has been found safe, and has been reunited with her family. We would like to thank everyone who helped in this search. 04/12/18 — The active search for 54 year-old Sharon Lynne Goldstein will resume on Friday – April 13th 2018 at 9:00 a.m. The search staging area will be

MISSING: Rondreiz “Junior” Phillips – Lisbon, Louisiana (4/5/18)

4 year-old Rondreiz “Junior” Phillips was last seen at his home in Lisbon, Louisiana on April 5th 2018. Rondreiz was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and black & yellow rubber boots. If you have Rondreiz “Junior” Phillips since his disappearance, if you know of his current whereabouts, or if you have any information concerning

MISSING: Jevon Lemke – Ft. Morgan, Alabama (3/25/18)

17 year-old Jevon Lemke drowned after being caught in a riptide that he was trying to rescue his parents from in Ft. Morgan, Alabama on March 25th 2018. Jevon’s parents survived the tragedy. Jevon was wearing black swim trunks with white flowers, as seen in the above picture. Please keep Jevon’s family, his friends and

FOUND SAFE: Alice Deon Turner, 42 Yrs., Houston, TX (03/16/18)

04/09/18 — MESSAGE FROM SCOTT TURNER: We found Alice my sister this afternoon. She is alive. Please continue to pray for her and our Family. Thank you to one of the greatest Organizations I have worked with. “Texas Equusearch” is first class . Due to some of the information they provided. We were able to

MISSING: Cleveland Richardson – Bunker, Missouri (7/31/17)

76 year-old Cleveland Richardson was last seen at his home in Bunker, Missouri on July 31st 2017. He is a victim of Dementia (Alzheimer’s). Cleveland was wearing a green pullover shirt, green plaid pajama pants and black shoes. Cleveland has scars on both shoulders from previous surgeries, he has a glass right eye, and his