Monthly Archive:: October 1983

MISSING: Sondra Rambert, 14 Yrs., Santa Fe, TX, 10/26/83

Sondra Rambert, 14 yrs old, was last seen at her family’s home in Santa Fe, Texas on October 26, 1983.  The door to her house was discovered open and biscuits were baking in the oven.  Her purse and coat were still in the house.  She has not been seen again.  Sondra is one of many

LOCATED DECEASED: Heide Fye, 25 Yrs., League City, TX, 10/07/83

 Heide Villareal Fye, 25 years old, was last seen using a payphone at a neighborhood convenient store located on the corner of W Main & Hobbs in League City, Texas, on October 7, 1983. Her remains were found on April 6, 1984 at an abandoned oil field located in 3000 block of Calder Rd in