Located Persons Archive

FOUND DECEASED: Mario Garduno – Houston, Texas (10/14/17)

10/16/17 — We are sad to report that Mario Garduno has been found deceased. He was positively identified by his family members. Please keep his family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. We would like to thank our volunteers who helped bring this family some closure. 10/15/17 — 58 year-old Mario Garduno was

FOUND SAFE: Andrew Hays, 15 Yrs., Highlands, TX (09/28/17)

09/29/17 — We are happy to report that Andrew Hayes has been found safe. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this search. 09/29/17 — 15 year-old Andrew Hays was last seen on September 28th 2017 in Highlands, Texas. Andrew is thought to have been taking his kayak to ride on the San Jacinto River.

FOUND SAFE: Cora “Morgan” Griffin, 23 Yrs., San Antonio, TX (09/19/17)

09/28/17 — We are happy to report that Morgan has been located safe, and has been reunited with her family. Thank you for all of your prayers. 09/25/17 — Cora “Morgan” Griffin, age 23, was last seen on September 19, 2017 in San Antonio, TX. Morgan is without her medication, and she suffers from seizures.

FOUND DECEASED: Fred Paar – Ghent, KY (09/10/17)

09/27/17 — We are very sad to report the body of Fred Paar has been located, and has been positively identified. Please keep Fred’s family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much. 09/22/17 — The meeting place for the search on September 23, 2017 is 608 Liberty Street, Ghent, Kentucky

FOUND SAFE: Richard Galindo – Houston, Texas (9/15/17)

9/17/17 — Richard Galindo has been found safe by the San Antonio Police Dept. and is being reunited with his family. 9/16/17 — 83 year-old Richard Galindo as last seen by his family in Clear Lake, Texas, on September 15th 2017, but was later known to have been in the Corpus Christie, Texas area. Richard,

FOUND DECEASED: Desi Torres – Fresno, Texas (9/12/17)

09/15/17 — The active search for 20 year-old Desi Torres is now over. The true dedicated members of the Texas EquuSearch team located Desi’s body a short time ago. Texas EquuSearch members and law enforcement investigators – many of whom have lost their homes, or had them damaged due to the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey

FOUND DECEASED: Crystal McDowell – Baytown, TX (8/25/17)

09/09/17 — The active search for 37 year-old Crystal McDowell is now over. A body has been found that is thought to be that of 37 year-old Crystal. We want to thank the diligent and highly skilled professionals with the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers, because they, along with the team of