Found Safe Archive

FOUND SAFE: Ngoc “Son” Lam Houston, Texas (8/4/16)

UPDATE: Ngoc “Son” Lam has been found safe! Original Post: 37 year-old Ngoc “Son” Lam has not been seen, or heard-from since August 4th 2016. He had planned to travel to Louisiana on a charter bus from Gulfgate Mall in the southeast side of Houston, Texas. Though Ngoc was scheduled to return to Houston a

FOUND SAFE: Shane Zahn – Humble, Texas (7/24/16)

UPDATE:Shane Zahn has been found safe! UPDATE: The search for Shane Zahn has been temporarily suspended as we wait for more information from law enforcement. SEARCH ACTIVATION: The active search for 26 year-old Shane Zahn will begin at 1:30 p.m. (immediately) on Sunday – July 24th 2016. Our search staging area will be in the

FOUND: Pamela Sue Hughes – Houston, TX (7/15/16)

The search for Pamela Sue Hughes has now been cancelled. Pamela has now been reunited with her family. We want to thank all the Texas Equusearch volunteers that assisted in this effort today. Your help is greatly appreciated. SEARCH UPDATE. Search starting at 1:30 p.m. Today. The staging location is 4135 Oak Shadows Dr., Houston

FOUND SAFE: Joanne Serres – Houston, Texas (7-11-16)

UPDATE: Joanne Serres has been found safe and is reunited with her family. ORIGINAL POST: 60 year-old Joanne Serres was last seen in Houston, Texas on July 11th 2016. Joanne was driving a blue 2002 Toyota Corolla, but the license plate number is unknown. Joanne was wearing a gray t-shirt and blue jean shorts. If

FOUND SAFE: Paul Patterson – Santa Fe, Texas (6/6/16)

UPDATE: We are happy to report that Paul Patterson has been found safe! 58 year-old Paul Patterson was last seen in Santa Fe, Texas on July 6th 2016. Paul was enroute to a business appointment, and never made it. He was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. Paul was driving a black, 2008 Pontiac

FOUND SAFE: Mario Martinez – Houston, TX (7/4/16)

UPDATE: Mario Martinez has been found safe. Original Post: 46 year old Mario Martinez was last seen on July 4, 2016 at Memorial Southwest Hospital in Houston, TX. He was wearing a white T-shirt with black lettering, khaki shorts with navy blue pajama pants over them and black tennis shoes. If you have any information

FOUND SAFE: Norman I. Score – Weatherford, TX (6/28/16)

UPDATE: Norman I. Score has been found safe. ORIGINAL POST: 25 year-old Norman I. Score was last seen in Weatherford, Texas on June 28th 2016. Norman was driving his silver, Chevrolet Sonic LT with Texas license plates of DXD-1849. Norman was last known to be wearing his maroon-colored medical scrubs. Norman has the tattoo of a

FOUND SAFE: Kenneth Nigrelle – Santa Fe, TX (5/10/16)

UPDATE: 23 year old Kenneth Tyler Nigrelle has been found safe! Original Post: 23 year old Kenneth Tyler Nigrelle was last seen at his home in Santa Fe, TX on May 10th. It is believed he was wearing black pants and a black shirt. Kenneth wears glasses and has a round tattoo on this right

FOUND SAFE: Lisa Lafitte – League City, Texas (6/9/16)

UPDATE: 41 year-old Lisa Lafitte has been found safe! Original Post: 41 year-old Lisa Lafitte was last seen in League City, Texas on June 9th 2016. It is unknown what type, style or color clothing that Lisa was wearing. Lisa was driving a gold-colored, 2000 Chevy Tahoe with Texas plates of CRF-6909. There is a

FOUND SAFE: Gary Powell – Freeport, Texas (6/2/16)

UPDATE: Gary Powell has been found safe. Original Post: 72 year-old Gary Powell was last seen leaving home to go to the bank in Freeport, Texas on June 2nd 2016. It is unknown what type, color or style of clothing Gary was wearing at the time of his disappearance. Gary uses a colostomy bag, and

FOUND SAFE: Ellen Hulett – Katy, Texas (5/26/16)

UPDATE: 15 year-old Ellen Hulett has been found safe. Original Post: 15 year-old Ellen Hulett was last seen in Katy, Texas on May 26th 2016. It is unknown what type, color or style of clothing that Ellen was wearing. Ellen has lavender & blue hair that is cropped on top, and shaved on the sides.

FOUND SAFE: Maria Hernandez – Houston, TX (5/25/16)

UPDATE: Maria Hernandez has been found safe, and has been re-united with her family. Original Post: 64 year old Maria Hernandez was last seen on May 25 in Houston, TX. It is not known what she was wearing. Maria is 5’1″ tall with a medium complexion. If you have any information, regarding this disappearance please

FOUND SAFE: Kellvenn Bell – Porter, TX (5/29/16)

UPDATE: Kellvenn Bell has been found safe. SEARCH UPDATE: The planned search for 18 year-old Kellvenn Bell has been suspended due to the existing, and updated weather conditions. The search for Kellvenn will be rescheduled for when the weather becomes more stable, and less threatening. We will issue another call-out to search for Kellvenn when

FOUND SAFE: Mathew Crews – Altamonte Springs, FL (3/3/16)

UPDATE: Good news, folks. Matthew Crews has been located, is hospitalized and being reunited with his loving family. Original Post: 32 year-old Mathew Crews has been missing since March 3rd 2016 in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It is unknown what type, color or style of clothing that Mathew was wearing. It is urgent that Mathew be

FOUND SAFE: Michael Gomez – Cleveland, TX (2/24/16)

UPDATE: 30 year-old Michael Gomez has been found safe! SEARCH UPDATE: The active search for 30 year-old Michael Gomez will begin on Saturday – February 27th 2016 at 8:30 a.m. We will be in need of searchers on foot and ATVs. The search command post will be located at “The Sanctuary Church”, located at 100