Found Safe Archive

FOUND SAFE: Andrew Hays, 15 Yrs., Highlands, TX (09/28/17)

09/29/17 — We are happy to report that Andrew Hayes has been found safe. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this search. 09/29/17 — 15 year-old Andrew Hays was last seen on September 28th 2017 in Highlands, Texas. Andrew is thought to have been taking his kayak to ride on the San Jacinto River.

FOUND SAFE: Cora “Morgan” Griffin, 23 Yrs., San Antonio, TX (09/19/17)

09/28/17 — We are happy to report that Morgan has been located safe, and has been reunited with her family. Thank you for all of your prayers. 09/25/17 — Cora “Morgan” Griffin, age 23, was last seen on September 19, 2017 in San Antonio, TX. Morgan is without her medication, and she suffers from seizures.

FOUND SAFE: Richard Galindo – Houston, Texas (9/15/17)

9/17/17 — Richard Galindo has been found safe by the San Antonio Police Dept. and is being reunited with his family. 9/16/17 — 83 year-old Richard Galindo as last seen by his family in Clear Lake, Texas, on September 15th 2017, but was later known to have been in the Corpus Christie, Texas area. Richard,

FOUND SAFE: Jim Gainous – Houston, TX (8/13/17)

08/16/17 — We are happy to report that Jim Gainous has been found safe, and reunited with his family. 08/15/17 — 72 year-old Jim Gainous was last seen in the Northern part of Houston, Texas on August 13th 2017. Jim, a Viet Nam veteran, is a victim of Dementia, and he is likely confused and

FOUND SAFE: Andrew Crockett – Houston, TX (7/11/17)

08/20/17 — We were just made aware that Andrew Crockett had been found safe. 8/5/17 — 49 year-old Andrew Crockett was last seen in the Texas Medical Center area in Houston, Texas on July 11th 2017. Andrew was possibly wearing a green hoodie when he disappeared. Andrew has three diamond stud earrings in each ear.

LOCATED SAFE: Muhammad Shabbir, 79 Yrs., Rosenberg, TX (07/03/17)

07/05/17 — We just received word that Muhammad Shabbir has been located safe. Please keep Muhammad and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much. 07/05/17 — The search for 79 year-old Muhammad Shabbir will begin today, July 5, 2017 at 12:00 noon. The Command Center will be located at 6822 Irby

FOUND SAFE: Kassy Daniel, 15 Yrs., Katy, TX (06/19/17)

07/02/17 — Kassy Daniel has been found safe. 06/27/17 — Kassy Daniel, age 15, was last seen on June 19, 2017 near her home in the 25200 block of Doves Gate in Katy, TX. She was last seen wearing black jeans, a black sweater and a black baseball hat. Kassy has a nose piercing on