LOCATED DECEASED: Jodi Sanderholm, 19 Yrs., Arkansas City, KS, 01/05/07

Jodi Sanderholm was last seen in her 2003 Dodge Stratus with License Plate # WOT 921 at a local Subway sometime around noon. Jodi was last seen wearing cutoff grey sweat pants and black leotards. Having just left dance class. For a downloadable poster, click here.

MISSING: Quinten Bailey Rouch, 21 Yrs.., Kaw City, OK

09/04/18 — Quinten Bailey Rouch, age 21, was last seen on May 9, 2018 in Kaw City, OK. Quinten was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, black cargo pants, black flip flops and a blue and silver cross pendant necklace. He has a large raised scar in his right armpit, tattoos of grim reaper with

FOUND SAFE: Kristin Crawford, 38 Yrs., Pottawatomie County, OK, 09/13

11-07-13 – 38 year-old Kristin Crawford has been found safe in California. An observant citizen recognized Kristin from the flyer on our website, and quickly put the very diligent investigator assigned to the case in touch with her. Thank to all for your help. 11-04-13 – 38 year-old Kristin Crawford, also known as Kristin Petree has not been seen since

FOUND DECEASED: Sidney Randall, 14 Yrs., Walnut Ridge, AR, 03/09/13

05/28/13 — We would like to thank the members from our Ohio Chapter who drove to Arkansas to attend the funeral for Sidney Randall. I know the family was grateful to see the support from some of our members who participated in the search. Your dedication is appreciated, especially since this was a holiday weekend.

FOUND DECEASED: John Glasgow, 45 Yrs., Little Rock, AR, 01/28/08

03/12/15 — We are sad to report the skeletal remains of John Glasgow has been found deceased. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. 11/29/10 — John Glasgow’s case will be covered this week on Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared.” John Glasgow, age 45, disappeared on Monday, January 28, 2008 around 5:15 a.m. at South

TXEQ Letters of Recognition

January 30, 2018 Letter from Bob Rose, Chief of Police of Goshen Township Police Department regarding evidence search organized by Dave Rader and the Ohio/Midwest Chapter of Texas EquuSearch. June 2017 Letter from William A. Bruce, Detective Seargent, Whitley County Sheriff’s Department regarding Marcus Wolfe search. April 10, 2017 Letter from Assistant Chief T. Allbritton,

LOCATED DECEASED: Dominick Arceneaux, 3 Yrs., Camden, AR, 02/13/09

02/18/09 – It is with a very heavy heart that I write this update to inform our members and readers that the body of little Dominick Arceneaux was found this morning.  He was found floating in White Oak Lake around 11:45 a.m., about 300 feet from his mother’s trailer where he lived. Rest in Peace little