Located Persons Archive

FOUND SAFE: Tanisha Woodward & Sons – Houston, TX (7/15/19)

UPDATE: Tanisha Woodard and her sons have been found safe. Original Post: 34 year old Tanisha Woodard and her sons, 15 year old Keilon Sam and 12 year old Jalen Sam, were last seen walking in the street near their apartment complex on Tierwester St. in Houston, TX the evening of July 15th, 2019. At

FOUND SAFE: Roxanne Maldonado – Houston, Texas (6/25/19)

UPDATE: 38 year-old Roxanne Maldonado has been found safe. ORIGINAL POST: 38 year-old Roxanne Maldonado disappeared under suspicious circumstances on June 25th, 2019. She was last seen in the West side of Houston, Texas. It’s unknown what color, style or type of clothing that Roxanne was wearing. Roxanne has the tattoo of the Sun &

FOUND SAFE: Keefe Bernard Edwards – Houston, TX (6/30/19)

UPDATE: Keefe has been located and is receiving medical attention. We would like to thank everyone who came out to search for him today. God bless you all! *** 56 year old Keefe Bernard Edwards was last seen leaving his aunts house in Houston, TX on June 30th, 2019. He was last seen wearing Black

FOUND SAFE: Raquel Almanza – Houston, Texas (6/30/19)

UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that 92 year-old Raquel Almanza has been found safe! Thank you to everyone who came out to search today. ORIGINAL POST: 92 year-old Raquel Almanza was last seen in the north Harris County, Texas on June 30th 2019. Raquel was wearing a white shirt with a blue & yellow

FOUND ALIVE: Jose Velazquez – Houston, Texas (6/26/19)

UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that 32 year-old Jose Velazquez has been found alive, and he is now receiving medical attention for his multiple car wreck injuries. Though he has multiple serious injuries; they are not thought to be life threatening, and it is thought that he will survive. Jose was badly injured

FOUND SAFE: Richard Grimes – Tampa, FL (5/30/19)

UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that Richard Grimes has been found safe and is being reunited with his family now! **** 55 year-old Richard “Dickie” Grimes was last seen in Tampa, Florida on May 30th 2019. It’s unknown what color, style or type of clothing Richard was wearing when he was last seen. Richard

Michael Butcher – Goodrich, TX (6/20/19)

UPDATE: The search for  19 year old Michael Butcher is now over. Please keep his family and community in your prayers at this difficult time. Original Post: An urgent search alert is being issued for 19 year old Michael Butcher. The search will begin AT 10:30 AM TODAY. Our Command Post / Staging Area will be