Memorials Archive

FOUND DECEASED: Carter, Virginia – Duncan, OK, 10/01/03

Sunday afternoon, October 5, the body of Virginia Carter, age 71 when she disappeared, was discovered in Lake Duncan, Duncan, Oklahoma.

FOUND DECEASED: Christy Goodman, 21 Yrs., Orange Co., TX, 05/01/03

Christy was speaking with her boyfriend on the phone at around 11:00 p.m. when two male subjects knocked on the door asking to use the phone due to car trouble. Christy told her boyfriend that she would call him back and allowed them to use the phone. Christy called her boyfriend back and then the

FOUND DECEASED: Melissa Mercer and Kevin Young, both 17 Yrs., Lake Livingston, TX, 01/19/03

Melissa and Kevin were last seen Sunday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. when they were leaving for the lake to go boating. They haven’t been heard from or seen since. The boat was found approximately 1,000 yds. from where it was originally docked. For a downloadable poster, click here.

FOUND DECEASED: Susan McFarland, 43 Yrs., San Antonio, TX, 11/25/02

Susan McFarland was found deceased, and her husband was charged with the murder.  Please keep Susan’s family and friends in your prayers. Susan was last seen on November 25, 2002, three days before Thanksgiving, and has not been heard from or seen since. This is highly out of character for Susan and foul play is

FOUND DECEASED: Samantha Runyon, 5 Yrs., Stanton, CA, 07/15/02

Samantha Runyon was last seen alive in Stanton, CA. For a downloadable poster, click here.

FOUND DECEASED: Sarah Trusty, 23 Yrs., Algoa, TX, 07/12/02

Sarah left her residence on Avenue E in Algoa druing the evening hours of Friday, July 12 to go for a walk then a bicycle ride. She was last seen after 11 pm near the Baptist church on Orange Street in Algoa. On saturday morning the bicycle was found in the foyer of the church.

FOUND DECEASED: Dannarriah Finley, 4 Yrs., Orange, TX, 07/04/02

Dannarriah’s mother went to check on her in her bedroom around 10:00 a.m. and she was missing. For a downloadable poster, click here.