Active Cases Archive

MISSING: Isaac Morgan – Laveen, AZ (08/11/19)

30 year-old Isaac Morgan was last seen in Laveen, Arizona on August 11th 2019. Isaac was wearing a white muscle shirt, black basketball shorts and black & white Nike high-top tennis shoes. Isaac has the word “Wambli” tattooed on his forehead over his right eye. “Melissa” & Sincere” are tattooed on his neck, and his

MISSING: James Nathan Moore – Monahans, TX (10/6/19)

28 year old James Nathan Moore was last seen walking away from Flare Energy services in Monahans, TX between 4 and 5 am on Oct. 6 2019. He was walking north on HWY 18. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a white shirt, black sweatpants and white Nike shoes. He is known

MISSING: Joshua Mosley – Willis, Texas (8/27/19)

40 year-old Joshua Mosley was last seen in Willis, Texas on August 27th 2019. It’s unknown what color, type or style of clothing that Joshua was wearing. Joshua is of tanned complexion, and he has multiple tattoos on his neck, arms and back. “RIP Moe Moe” is tattooed on his back, and the name Brandi

MISSING: Cecilia Gallegos – San Antonio, Texas (7/07/19)

30 year old Cecilia Gallegos was last seen at home on July 7, 2019. She was gone the next morning when her family woke up. Cecilia’s husband has stated that she left in the middle of the night without any clothes, car or her children. She was last seen wearing blue scrubs. Cecilia has a

MISSING: Bradley Cy Brooks – Corpus Christi, Texas (8/18/19)

Bradley Cy Brooks was last seen at his home around 10pm August 18, 2019. He was wearing black shorts, maroon t-shirt, and white/black Nike tennis shoes. Bradley has a military type haircut, horse shaped tattoo on his chest that reads “All Fall Short of the Glory of God, Angel Wings tattoo on right arm, and

MISSING: Richard Prado II – Channelview, Texas (8/25/19)

32 year-old Richard Prado II was last seen in Channelview, Texas on August 25th 2019. Richard was last known to be wearing a black muscle-type t-shirt, and blue jeans. But he wasn’t wearing shoes. Richard wears glasses, and he has long, wavy hair – down to just above his mid-back. He also has a single

MISSING: Steven Dean – Dayton, Texas (8/15/19)

Steven Dean was last seen in his trailer park in the evening of August 15, 2019. He was wearing shorts and t-shirt, colors unknown. He was not wearing shoes. Steven has blonde hair, very short on sides, 1-2” on top, and a goatee. His complexion is fair; however, his arms and face are tanned from