12/09/12 — It is with heavy hearts that we have to report the remains of Carla Cook-Fuqua have been discovered and positively identified. Carla leaves behind a son, along with her mom, aunts and many other relatives and friends. Please keep Carla’s loved ones in your prayers during this very difficult time, especially due to the fact we are in the holiday season. Thank you so much.

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03/22/10 — Carla Cook-Fuqua, age 28, was last seen on October 29, 2009 in the area of Piedmont Springs, Piedmont, Alabama. Carla was last seen wearing jeans, a brown jacket and boots. She has a tattoo of a “sun” on her right ankle, a “briar” on her upper arm, and “Justin” with angel wings on her back. Please call the Piedmont City Police Department at (256) 447-9091 if you have any information.

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  1. darla3760 on May 14, 2010 at 8:20 PM

    Thanks to Texas Equusearch, I now Hope I have Hope !! Since I have met these people I feel so different, I sincerely love these people from the bottom of my heart !! I have never in my life met people that had a Heart like these people, and I thank God everyday that they came into my Life in such a crucial time, I want to see my daughter so bad and just know that she is OK. So her Son and I can get a peaceful nights rest. She lays so Heavy on my Heart and Justin’s ( her son ). We need so bad just to know if she is ok or what is going on in her life at this point. She has lost so much in her life (losing her husband at age 23 and her dad 1 yr to the day later we buried him) and I know that is alot but, Justin and I have lost that also. Carla, We Love You and Hope and Pray Everyday that you are out there somewhere to where We can find you and get you some Emotional Help !! I have been told so many things, The only way I am still going is God giving me strength to get up and take care of Justin. And sometime I wonder How I am doing that? Lord, I Pray Everyday that She is still Alive out there Somewhere !! Justin is only 7 yrs. old and He needs his Mommy so bad !! He Loves her so much and he knows, she would always say Whatever Justin wants..Something is just not right and I Pray that We find You in Time to Get You some Help !!

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