Five (5) Families have contacted Texas EquuSearch for Help to Locate a Ship Adrift in the Tasman Sea

nina-002Texas EquuSearch Founder/Director Tim Miller believes there is hope for finding the Nina and its passengers alive. Concerned family member and friends are hoping to utilize the resources of the American government and any other private resources available to continue the search including covering the NZ Air Force fuel costs to continue search efforts. NZ has a relatively small population and outside support is necessary to continue the at-sea search efforts. The captain and crew represent Americans from 5 different states and an Englishman. Contributions can be made to the Texas EquuSearch S/V Nina Search Fund.



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  1. Wiredkiwi on July 21, 2013 at 2:37 AM

    Just wanted to say best wishes, and keep looking. Yes, Nina’s situation looks serious and is very concerning, but sailing can offer miracles. My parents were lost at sea for several weeks after a big storm, were effectively declared dead by the media, but made it back under jury rig. A couple of years ago my friend was dis-masted out of Cape Town and eventually made it to Hobart under jury rig. His radio aerial had broken away so he couldn’t transmit but he could hear us, so he knew he hadn’t been forgotten. You are doing the right thing by keeping looking. Most of it will be up to them if they are still out there, but we won’t see them if we don’t keep looking. My very best wishes, and I hope at the least that the families questions can be answered.

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